Dropdown List Configuration Overriding

In this section all available dropdown property binding techniques will be discuss with it's usages.

Overriding Hierarchy

The below hierarchy shows order of dropdown property overriding and each level of defined properties will be replace if same property was uses in next level of hierarchy.

    |__ Dropdown Configuration
    |   |
    |   |___ Default Configuration
    |   |___ Template Property Binding
    |   |___ Module Property Binding
    |__ Data Table Configuration

Default Configuration

Ornamentum have set almost all configurations to it's default value state. the default values explicitly mention on each dropdown respective property or function documentation.

Template Property Binding

This level of property definations will be overrides Default Configuration.This is the first user allowed property binding operation. you can simply bind a required type of value to respective configurations on HTML template.

Module Property Binding

Ornamentum supports, configuration overriding in module root configurations. you can provide a object of dropdown level configurations inside forRoot() tag. specified properties will be overrides both Default Configuration and Template Property Binding property definitions.

In above example module, ornamentum will enables Load Data On Init and Filterable for all available data columns.

API Doc for Dropdown Configuration Overriding