Data Table Column Resizing

Column resizing property facilitates the users to manually resize the columns as required. This feature is currently on an experimental level and functionality will not still fully guaranteed.

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import { Component } from '@angular/core';

import { ExampleData } from 'helper-models';

import { DataFetchService } from 'helper-services';

  selector: 'app-column-resizing-usage',
  templateUrl: './column-resizing-usage.component.html'
export class ColumnResizingUsageComponent {
  public items: ExampleData[];

  constructor(private dataFetchService: DataFetchService) {
    this.items = this.dataFetchService.fetchStaticData();

Basic Usage

resizable: boolean   Default Value: falseTarget Component: <ng-data-table-column>

In order to enable column resizing property the resizable property should mark as true and the default value of the property is false. As per the above example resizable is enabled for all the columns.

    ... >
API Doc for Data Table Column Resizable