Lightweight, feature rich, highly configurable, UI framework agnostic, fully responsive Angular data table with no external dependencies.

Sales Products

IDOrder Method TypeGross MarginRetailer TypeProduct LineProduct TypeRevenueQuantity
10Fax0.34755Outdoors ShopCamping EquipmentCOOKING GEAR59628.66489
15Fax0.39815Outdoors ShopCamping EquipmentSLEEPING BAGS87728.96352
20Telephone0.36187Outdoors ShopCamping EquipmentLANTERNS6940.03109
25Fax0.24468Outdoors ShopMountaineering EquipmentSAFETY62464.88898
30Web0.47614Outdoors ShopMountaineering EquipmentCLIMBING ACCESSORIES19476.8296
35Web0.51644Outdoors ShopMountaineering EquipmentCLIMBING ACCESSORIES4621.68262
40Telephone0.49167Outdoors ShopMountaineering EquipmentTOOLS32870.4856
45Telephone0.28895Outdoors ShopPersonal AccessoriesKNIVES30940.25275
50Telephone0.60071Outdoors ShopOutdoor ProtectionFIRST AID4057.2180
55Telephone0.44273Golf ShopPersonal AccessoriesWATCHES7939.866
60Web0.39375Golf ShopPersonal AccessoriesEYEWEAR12935199
65Web0.59836Golf ShopPersonal AccessoriesKNIVES866.271
70Telephone0.44536Golf ShopGolf EquipmentIRONS16025.2832
75Web0.44845Golf ShopGolf EquipmentWOODS53082.5462
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Feature Rich Data Table

Ornamentum data table is a powerful widget which allows you to visualize via its table representation

Client side data binding support
Server side data binding support
Realtime data source support with observables
Single and multi column sorting
Single and multi value filtering
Custom layout templating support
Data table state persistence with session/local storage modes
Client and server side pagination
Single, multi and single toggle row selection modes
UI theme support
Column filter support
Detail row expand support
Experimental column resizing
Experimental dynamic row span support
Translation support
Global configuration overriding capability and much more

Highly Configurable

Ornamentum is designed with a lot of flexibility in terms of configuring elements to the smallest detail level. It's a library designed by developers in the aim of building "A GREAT API"

UI Framework Agnostic

Ornamentum is UI framework (Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Design, etc.) agnostic hence it doesn't matter which UI framework you use. The fully configurable theme style sheets bundle provides several UI/UX flavors and extensive customizability out of the box.

Full Responsive ( Mobile Friendly )

Ornamentum is Mobile-friendly with all major device platforms. From Desktop to Tablet and Mobile devices, Ornamentum is fully responsive for any viewport resolution. Dynamic behavior of width calculation works hand in hand along with static column sizes to provide the best user experience.

Built with Angular

Ornamentum is built purely with Angular components by adhering to best practices thereby improve performance. No more JQuery to avoid explicit DOM manipulation complications.

Angular universal ready

Ornamentum supports server-side rendering with angular universal out of the box. This documentation site itself is built with Angular universal.

We are Reactive

Ornamentum is Reactive programming ready with asynchronous data streams. Data binding is fully handled via RxJS observable streams which accepts reactive data sources and use them under the hood for paginating, grouping, filtering and sorting data operations.

Minimal Peer Dependencies

Ornamentum is lightweight with no external dependencies apart from angular mandatory modules.

Open Source

We truly believe in open-source software. Ornamentum source code is available for anyone to understand, inspect, modify, enhance, and distribute within the terms of MIT license.